Monday, August 24, 2009

Like a Lion I'm not sleeping.

I fucking love me some Nirvana. I love the angst. I love the power. I love the truth. Love it. My brother took me to Nirvana for my 12th birthday. He told me he was taking me to see a Sonics game. I met him downtown at Abruzzi's Pizza, on Pike between 7th and 8th....I think. It was right by the Gay 90's, which was on the corner of Pike and 7th, kinda by the Sheriton. Maybe Im making this up..... lets google image it and see if we can find any result.

Well there is this one, the adress was 604 Pike street. Whatever.

So we head to the Seattle center to go to the game. On the way this guy was like "hey you wanna buy two tickets to Nirvana?" I freaked out, "Please Andy please they are my favorite band!" MY brother looked at me and said no. I was bummed. But then he said "Cause we already got tickets."

It was crazy. Its hard to remember it all but I do remember the merch stand and Andy buying me the insesticide T-shirt, it was my favorite record at the time. Now my favorite record is In Utero. My mom hated that record growing up, probably still does. She would always yell "Eat your cancer???? What does he mean EAT YOUR CANCER??" And I remember smelling reefer for the first time. I remember my brother leaving me with these guys, I assume they were friends of his but who knows, to go into the mosh pit (so funny) and when he came back he lost his chuck tailors is the pit. They either opened or closed with "Anurism" which is when I fully came into realization of Dave Grohl, and what being a kick ass drummer meant.

I wish there were more pictures of what Seattle looked like. There is this documentary called Street Wise that was filmed in Seattle in the 80's, I will still pretty young then. Its crazy, it just follows around these kids that live on the streets, the girls turn tricks and they boys steal and shit. The main kid in it is so young, like 12 or something. His outlook and features and voice are so intense. Really good documentary. Maybe its on the YouTube. Lets check.

Yep, It looks like you can watch all of it. Here is part 1.


  1. Ahh, I remember Abruzzis. Andy worked there, right?
    Ahh, Nirvana. Did you go on the pilgrimage to Kurt's house in Aberdeen with us? I can't remember, it was so long ago.

  2. Okay, sweetie, as long as you are including me in your stories, I would like to amend your facts. It was not your twelfth birthday, it was your thirteenth birthday. And I agreed to let you go to the concert only if Andy kept you on a harnass. Now I am told that he left you with maybe some friends of his????????????? Dear God,what parents don't need to know, even if by the grace of God, you survived it all.

  3. I love that you read my blog mom. Its adorable. And there is a documentary out on Marta Beckett called Armorosa. You gotta see it.