Sunday, August 23, 2009

Death Valley.

Marta Beckett. Get to know this woman. She grew up in the 30's and knew she wanted to be an artist by the time she was four years old. She danced professionally in New York for a few companies and had some success choregraphing many of her own ballets. But then she saw some psychic woman who told her she would be leaving the big city and would find herself in a small town starting with the letter "A". She would do the best art of her life there. Well, it happened. Driving through California, I think it must be the 70's by now, she stopped in Death Valley for gas. There she found an abandoned theatre and new this was where she was sopossed to be. She never made it back to New York. She has spent the rest of her life in Death Valley, the towns original name Armagosa, (the psychic was kinda right!) renovating the theatre and performing for her small town constantly. As it is somewhat well known that Death Valley is haunted, she has had several expiriences with the spirits there, has photographs of them, and when she passes she plans on staying there as well. Pretty fucking rad. Her story is one of incredible dedication to creativity and her talent is huge. She is still there today and still dancing. Next time you pass through check out her art, it will blow your mind.

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