Friday, September 11, 2009


Peter Rabbits mother warned "Don't go into Mr. McGregor's garden." And what happened?? He went in anyway, of coarse.He and his two sister rabbits were picking berries or something and he snuck off. He went right into the fuckin garden and got rad on some serious carrots, lettuce, I assume there were lots more veggies consumed. Peter ate so much that he felt sick. Sure enough the mean old farmer found the rabbit ravishing his crop and went haywire, chasing Peter with a rake. Peter lost all his clothes in his escape, but he did escape. And his mom did find out, as he was naked and had no other expaination. What hve we learned here? Do as your mom tells you?? Don't steal? Or, "Damn the man"? Farmers against rabbits? What the hell is a rabbit doing wearing a jacket? Is there shame in nakedness? Boys are more trouble then girls? Girls are scared? Vegetables can upset your stomach just as easy as sweets? Everything in moderation? Boys are dumb? What are morals and why should we uphold to them? BE AFRAID! BE AFRAID OF EVERYTHING!

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