Sunday, July 12, 2009

Like Lightening.

When I was like 12, maybe 13 years old we lived in a little rental house in Magnolia right behind Briercliff, which was an abandoned elementary school. My mom actually went to kindergarten there. Anyway, I used to sneak out and smoke cigarettes and just sit there on the big black top. There were some tether balls and some basketball hoops. I was there and it started raining and then the thunder and lightening came. Seattle doesn't really get lightening like other places and when I was young I thought it was really cool. All I remember is a light. Nothing else. I don't think I was out long cause when I came out of it it was still raining really hard. It didn't feel long. Like a second. I was on the ground, on my side. I just remember feeling really sick. I just got up and went home. I told my mom what happened but I don't think she was listening cause it didn't seem like a big deal to her. And I just thought it was so crazy that I didn't know what to think. So I just laid down and watched t.v. I'm not so into lightening storms anymore. I lived in New York for a long time and the fucking crazy lightening storms in the summer there freaked me out. Once when I was living in Brooklyn (east flatbush. Yep. I'm not joking) I was hanging out with Deb and there was a crazy storm outside. We were just laughing and writing and chain smoking and all of a sudden a flash, thunder, and then the telephone that was on the coffee table shot sparks out at us and we both screamed and Deb like pounced in my lap. So funny. I also was recording one time and was playing guitar and sining and every time my mouth would hit the mic (I'm not sure why I was putting my mouth all over it, it's kinda gross to do that but it happens) I would feel this really strange sensation. I didn't stop at first cause I was recording, but finally I did cause I would feel these crazy waves running through my body. It didn't really hurt but it was fucking crazy in a bad way feeling. Turns out something really wasn't grounded and if my fingers were on my strings and my mouth was on the mic I would be getting mildly electricuted. Gross. So anyway I have a pretty intense parinoya about anything electrical. I don't even like changing lightbulbs. I will do it but I don't like it. So there is a documentary coming out about people who have actually been hit by lightening and it looks pretty cool.

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