Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm Sorry.

Dudes, I really debated whether or not to blog this shit, but it is so bizarre, that I decided yes. I didn't know about the Insane Clown Posse until a few months ago when I had to work a "Twizted" show. Twizted is like a side project or baby version or something of the I.C.P I am really not to sure but all the people that came were totally in make-up, which made carding them a huge pain in the ass, and they all referred to each other as "ninjas" and did the whole "wha wha!" thing constantly. It was a shit show. One of the worst bartending experiences of my life. No one tipped. And they all wanted Sparks. Very bizarre. I get wanting to be a part of something. I get it that people buy into stupid fads. But this is crazy. I guess the I.C.P has been around for like 20 years or something too. Wild. So I saw this video on the Mishka blog and was once again totally blown away by its weirdness. It is so unbelievably lame I have to exploit it.

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