Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gay Pride.

I'm sure being gay is awesome. And although I love the gays, lately I have been labeled as one. Funny,because I am not dating or conoodeling with another woman but because my hair is super short. I get it a lot at my job, I work in a bar and girls make assumptions and write cute little messages on the bottom of their tabs and make extra long eye contact and shit, and at first I kinda thought it was funny. But dude. Cmon. The other day this girl came in, she comes in often she was really nice, and apparenty I wasn't giving her enough attention cause she got all pissy and weird, (I don't even know her name I've only served her a few times) and started making out with some girl right in front of me. And while she was kissing this other girl she was looking right at me. Awkward. My boss was cracking up, I was trying not to look. Then today at the bodega the guy who sells me my marlbro lights was like "when you first cut your hair I thought Oh, she is gay. But then I thought no, she is not. Are you a lesbian?" Hmmmmmm. Man...Sheez. Just trying to get a pack of gum. So I was like "Nah dude, not gay." And he said that it's not my hair but my location. He explained that if he saw me on the east side I would just be a girl with short hair, but here on the hill I am a lesbian. Okay. So I told him I have kinda been getting it a lot lately at work and its kinda awkward and funny cause nobody has actually asked me what my sexual preference is until him, they just assume I'm some raging dyke or just passivly hit on me. Very weird. But then this other guy in the bodega was like " do other girls slap your ass?" Okay pervert. I said no and left. Then after band practice we were walking down the street and we hear this kid say "She is gay" to his friend. Damon said no she is not. Really? Am I that dykish? And if I am is that okay? When i cut off all my hair it was really awesome, I felt like Mia Farrow, I felt like Twiggy, cute and 60's inspired. Now with all the labels and assumptions it feels confusing and lame. And its gonna take forever to grow out. So I guess in the mean time, I can't stop people from thinking whatever they want, but I just have to remind myself that regardless of what category of whatever people wanna put me in for no reason, they don't know me and at the end of the day they don't fucking care anyway, and it's fucking rad.


  1. You do NOT appear dykey to me. At all. Nothing about your demeanor suggests it.

  2. no way! not in the least! you're like dark crystal meets mia farrow circa early 60's. fore shore. love you girl!