Friday, May 29, 2009

Until the Light Takes Us.

My husband is super into heavy metal so when he saw that this documentary was showing in our neighborhood he pre-ordered a bunch of tickets. Good thing cause it was totally sold out. This documentary is all about "Black Metal" specifically and if you are a fan or know anything about it definitely check it out. It's playing again here on Saturday night at the Film Forum. Pretty interesting. I already knew a little about the origins of Black Metal ( I don't always tune out all the banter between my husband and the dudes he talks to) and very exciting was the day the mix tape Fenriz of "Dark Throne" arrived in our mailbox. (You can down load the mix tape for free on the Actual Pain website, it's really cool.) So I knew the basics of the corps paint, the church burning, the murders. And those topics were very well covered. Some things that were said were pretty shocking, some kinda stupid, but Fenriz is awesome and is in most of the movie so that was cool.
Growing up in Seattle there wasn't really a metal scene like there is now. Soundgarden was probably the heaviest band I saw that was local. Then bands like Botch and Teen Cthulu and Akimbo. Now it seems like most of the shows I end up at are heavy metal inspired, with the creepy guitar shreds, the long hair banging back and forth, the gremlin vocals, a sea of beards in the audience. Not so much my thing, although Wolves in the Throne Room I do really like and of coarse Book of Black Earth and BLACK BREATH. Although as much as I love me some Black Breath I should really be listening to Bathory (sp?) because I every time I hear them I think it's Black Breath and it's not.
I am really glad they made this film. I now know that the little bit there is to know about the origins of Black Metal is totally worth knowing. Mostly because Fenriz really seems like a genuine honest person and because the whole "Satanic devil worship" thing was totally created by the media not Burzum or Varg or whatever, and if you murder someone in Oslo Norway your maximum sentance is 21 years. Yeah. And if you ever see a band today that claims to be Black Metal be sure they are total posers. Well that might not be totally true, I don't really know. But it seems that way.

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