Sunday, May 31, 2009

Faux Yellow Brick Road.

So I am laying in bed for the next couple of days because I am having some sort of back spasms. LAME. The good news is i have pain killers and keep me company. So as I was ing I came across the Tin Man Sci-fi channel show. Maybe it's my drowsy state of mind but I kinda like it. It's a definite spin of my favorite story of all time, but totally re-invented. Instead of calling it OZ, they refer to it as the "Outer Zone" , or the "O.Z." which I really enjoy because of my obsession with the show "The O.C.". So it's what you expect, the Dorothy character ends up in a tornado which swoops her off to a crazy place, all of the essential characters are there, but instead of a Scarecrow we have an ex-con who's brain was removed because he knew to much also referred to as a "head case". And the tin man is an ex-cop obviously heartless, and the cowardly lion a psychic wild beast kind of portrayed as someone you would find in a mental institution. Entertaining? Yes. Am I on pain killers? Yes. Whether or not the show is as bad ass as I want it to be, I am really glad that people still love the stories of Dorothy Gail and her adventures in OZ. I believe there were like 7 or 8 books in the Oz series about Dorothy and a lot of the material Frank Baum used was letters that kids had written him telling him what kind of adventures they wanted to see Dorothy go on. So in a sense this is like a tribute to that. Lets check more version of the wonderful world of Oz.

The origional. With beautiful illustrations by John R. Niell.

Yessssss, Judy as Dorothy. Perfect. Then Judy Garlands daughter did the voice of Dorothy in the vintage cartoon "Returns to Oz"

And my favorite Oz on the screen.

Black disco Oz.

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